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Team & Culture

Technology is a People Problem™, and your team is your greatest asset. Saccade's freelance CTOs can help with engineering team issues, culture, motivation and much more.

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Technical Leadership

Whether at the earliest stages of a startup, during scaling or embedded in a large organisation, our consultants can provide direction and strategy, support and development of your technology team.

CTO & Tech Lead Coaching

Whether a first-time technical lead or a seasoned CTO, level up your team leader with regular access to a mentor or coach, and turn them into a multiplier.

Agile & Lean Coaching

Using the right set of processes, tools and meetings can unleash much higher levels of transparency and productivity. Our certified Scrum and Kanban coaches can help you find the right combination.

Culture & People

Company culture can be overlooked when starting, and reversing a poor culture can be a difficult and painful process. Our consultants can help structure a process of evolution, and improve your happiness, retention and productivity.

Training & Development

A healthy company culture includes a clear programme for staff education and development. Our consultants can help build a workable, affordable strategy to continually build your team's abilities.


Technology has a diversity problem. Prioritising inclusiveness means a happier, stronger and more productive team. Our specialists can show you how to plan to build a less homogenous technology team and attract talent from all corners.

Team Scaling

As your business grows, so does your roadmap, and so does your team. Knowing how and when to bring in each type of technology team member can be difficult. Let our consultants study your business, and put a strategy together.

Innovation & R&D

How can technology help your business stay ahead of the curve? Our workshops and consulting can help define a set of parameters for continuous innovation within your engineering and product team.

Technology & Product

OK, Technology is also a Technology Problem™. Our CTOs and Product Specialists can help build a foundation architecture and product plan for your project, or help turn around a project in difficulty.

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Technical Architecture

No matter the complexity of your product, an early process of architecting and selecting technical solutions and partners is vital. Our consultants can help ensure you start on the best foundations.

Requirements Gathering

For non-technical founders, knowing how to extract understanding of the products and features to be built and structuring them to be most useful to an engineering team can be hard. Let us be your translation layer.

Product & Roadmaps

Defining a product strategy and vision, and building a release plan for features and additions can be a difficult task without experienced Product and UX specialists on the team. Our experts can help ensure your plans are achievable.

Project Rescue

A project may encounter difficulties for many reasons, related to both people and technology. With an external, independent consultant, you can rapidly determine key causes and solutions, and reinvigorate your plans.


Beyond the launch of a digital product, it will need to be maintained, secured, monitored and iterated - your team and processes will need to adapt to keep up. Our CTOs and partners can help plan for the best while expecting worst.

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Cloud & DevOps

Along with our partners, Saccade can provide a roadmap to building a secure, scalable and performant infrastructure using modern DevOps and automation tools, whether on cloud hosting providers, virtualised hardware or dedicated servers.

Cybersecurity & Governance

Maintaining a set of security policies, self-assessment and regular penetration testing can be a large overhead. Our consultants can help prioritise and ensure web and mobile applications are solid, and your customer data is secure.

Data Pipelines

By carefully modelling the flow of data in your organisation, and designing data warehousing solutions, we can ensure your organisation gains real value from it.


Simplify your build and deploy pipeline by packaging your application and all dependencies using technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Amazon ECS.

Other Services

Saccade provides independent support for institutional investors with potential or existing portfolio companies, as well as more general coaching for non-technical founders on how best to manage their team.

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Technical Due Diligence

Saccade can provide pre-investment support to VCs and private equity firms through audit and assessment, as well as support in resolution of any team, architecture, scale or security issues found.

Co-founder Coaching

For first time non-technical company founders, working with a technical team can be a difficult and confusing process. Our CTOs can guide you through the transition.

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