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Common Freelance CTO Questions

Common questions about Freelance CTOs

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  • Isn't using a Freelance CTO expensive?

    While on a full-time basis a freelance CTO will cost more than a permanent, salaried CTO, having a more part-time, fractional relationship with a CTO-level strategist can save a business money. This type of relationship can be preceded by a short, fixed-length engagement, beyond which the number of days per month can be planned and agreed based on your needs. This is commonly cheaper than the cost of a permanent CTO.

  • What does it cost?

    Saccade has a standard day rate for all CTOs and other freelance C-level executives, but the shape and duration of each engagement and the means of engagement is tailored to every client. We'd love to discuss how this would work for you - drop us a line using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • Would an equity share be possible as payment?

    We generally opt for a deferred payment scheme rather than equity or options when working with very early stage startups, solely for logistic reasons, as there is a real operational overhead in appearing in several startups' cap tables.

  • How long does an engagement last?

    All our engagements are tailored to your specific situation, but typically they will either begin with a fixed period of 2 - 10 days of assessment and investigation, followed by a set number of days per month, or be limited to a fixed 5 - 20 day period.

  • Can you join our advisory board?

    Absolutely - we have a plan available for advisory board services. Drop us a line to learn more.

  • Can you help me find a permanent CTO?

    Yes, this is something we commonly assist with as part of a separate engagement, but not where the sole purpose of the engagement is recruitment. We're able to make introductions to placement specialists in this case.

  • What are the dangers of using a freelance CTO?

    While a freelance CTO can provide fill-in support for limited periods, followed by longer stretches of advisory and support, it's important that the business understands that there is likely to be a need for a permanent technology lead at some point, and we openly suggest that engagements aren't held for longer than is reasonable.

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